After Hours with Jack Hammer and Andre Kane is a wildly popular late night style TV show airing from 2007-2011.The TV show was built for Jack and Andre by the Emmy award winning Bill Diamond and his team at Bill Diamond Production Company in NY.The Show first ran on The Time Warner Cable Network reaching from Albany NY into New York City. After Hours ran in over 12 1/2 million homes in New York with a new episode airing every Monday night at 9PM. The show was a big hit and soon caught on while getting the attention of big name stars and musicians, After Hours soon started airing on The Bill Diamond Network as part of its programing. This generated even more talk and once again the show started reaching fans not only all over the country but all over the world. Still to this day After Hours with Jack Hammer and Andre Kane seems to generate a lot of talk and people still ask questions about it and want to know where its airing. Currently the show is coming back into production in 2017

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