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"Seattle is again "Sleepless"  on Saturday nights with The Electric Radio Show. The gang provides some of Radio's funniest antics which keep Seattle "Up Late". The Puget Sounds, airwaves will never be the same."


LD Rizzo

Program Director

97.1 FM KTXQ Seattle

"Feedback from our listeners tell us that The Electric Radio Show is a GREAT addition to our Sunday morning lineup. The show is hilarious & very entertaining. The cast of characters will keep you in stitches. We love Sunday mornings with The Electric Radio Show!"


Rick Alan

Program Director

WQRY106 Maine

"Our listeners are loving the Antics of The Electric Radio Show. Weekends will never be the same and we love it that way! You will not find a more Charismatic and original show available anywhere else!"

C.J. Malm

Content Director 

Pop Source Radio

107.3 FM Pittsburgh

"The Electric Radio Show is the funniest thing to hit the airwaves since the Spanish Inquistion! Our listners rave over the antics of radio's most talented crew. In fact, its so good that we run it TWICE each Saturday - on two stations. You gotta hear it to believe it."


Bill Bro



100.7 FM Fort Myers, Florida

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