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Jack Hammer and Andre Kane met working at a Top 40 radio station in NY in 2000. The station, a 50 thousand watt powerhouse, Andre was the Executive Producer of the Morning Show. Jack Hammer was hired as the Creative Services Director and started working on the Morning Show in 2001. Jack and Andre started writing comedy bits together and working on characters. The two became best friends. Andre went to work with Jack in the creative services department which meant the two worked from 4am until 5 or 6 pm every day. They built their chemistry and comedy routines together. It has been said by people working with them, “They would try to get each other to laugh every single day, they would literally try to out laugh each other” They were known for their extreme office pranks and stunts also. One sales rep was quoted as saying, “ I remember one time, Jack drove his motorcycle right into the office, and parked it in the boss’s office, we just laughed for days over that” 


    In 2003 Sacred Owl joined the show as their intuitive reader and took phone calls. In 2008 Jack and Andre landed their own Morning Show gig on a Classic Rock/Classic Hits formatted station in NY.And took Sacred Owl with them, They called the show “The Electric Morning Show with Jack Hammer and Andre Kane”

They became the number one morning show in the market according to Arbitron/Neilson Ratings. They started hosting a TV Show called AfterHours which was created by Bill Diamond Productions. The show ran from Albany New York to Manhattan New York Monday nights at 9PM. It gained a lot of attention. 


    In 2014 They decided to Syndicate the show and they took on their first affiliate which was a Classic Hits station in Pennsylvania. They rebranded the show and launched as "The Electric Radio Show" at that time They hadn’t built their studio yet so they traveled to the station to do the show. They continued to pick up stations and grow all over the country and all over the world. Today they have their own studio in an undisclosed location in NY. The show has quickly become the hottest up coming radio show on the air today. It is on in many small, mid level and major markets all over and it is growing by the day including Terrestrial,internet radio and Digital Apps & Podcasting 

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