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China Lands On The Far Side of The Moon

January 14, 2019

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Somebody's dashcam in Vietnam showed an out-of-control truck coming within a few feet of hitting a woman holding her young child on the side of the road. The truck somehow lost control, plowed through the middle divider, and then crossed the road to her side.  Fortunat...

This woman claims no one was in her house while she was chatting on a video with her friend. You can see behind her a figure in her living room. Some claim it's a Ghost or an Alien. Her friend asks her if she is alone in the house to which she replies "yes". What do yo...

This video was from 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from space to earth in the highest free fall to earth on record. This video is a touch long but worth the watch. Check it out on your lunch break. This is the full video! 

A hot air balloon loaded with fireworks exploded and fell onto a crowd during a festival in Myanmar last week.  Nine people were injured, none seriously.

It's a yearly festival and the "balloons with the fireworks inside" are always part of it . . . and people always ge...