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China Lands On The Far Side of The Moon

January 14, 2019

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This video was from 2012, Felix Baumgartner jumped from space to earth in the highest free fall to earth on record. This video is a touch long but worth the watch. Check it out on your lunch break. This is the full video! 

A hot air balloon loaded with fireworks exploded and fell onto a crowd during a festival in Myanmar last week.  Nine people were injured, none seriously.

It's a yearly festival and the "balloons with the fireworks inside" are always part of it . . . and people always ge...

A little girl who looks like she's about three held on to the family's garage door as it opened, and hung on as it went all the way up.

Her mom had turned her back for a few seconds to get her other kid out of a stroller, and when she heard crying she turned around and...

The Electric Radio Show is one of the few radio shows that had the opportunity to interview Stan Lee. He was a great guy and we will miss him. Thanks for the laughs Stan. Until we meet again. R.I.P

To listen to The whole interview visit www.theelectricradioshow.com and...

A woman named Rebecca Hackett posted video of her frightening drive right into the middle of the Woolsey Fire last Friday in Malibu.  You can hear how terrified she is as she cries and prays to God she makes it through.(Profanity alert) 

At the end she's...