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First ERS Blog Post

Hey all, I'm Andre Kane from "The Electric Radio Show". This is the first Blog Post from The Electric Radio Show. I normally don't blog or anything, but I do think this is a great way for us here at The Electric Radio Show to talk about some of the cool stuff were doing and some of the cool shows we have coming up. For Example we are going to have Bill Diamond on our show. Im going to talk more about him and who he is in case you dont know in a future blog so stay tuned for that. But this is going to be a place you can come to time and time again to find out if there are any new posts by myself, Jack Hammer, Traci Adair or Mad Mike and im sure Dee Lite our Social Media Director will also have some info to put up here from time to time. Maybe we will see some special guest posts from some of our guests on the show also every once in a while. All you have to do is visit our website www.theelectricradioshow.com to find this blog, keep checking back as we will try to make new posts at least once a week.

We will put out all of our live events info here also, like where we are going to be, and we can also talk about Guest information and all kinds of cool stuff. When you hear a guest with us on the air and we say we will get the information up on our website, this is where you should check as well as our social media pages. Thank you so much for hanging with us and as always we look forward to entertaining you. Im going to try to get Jack Hammer to put up a post this evening :-) So come back soon...

Take Care, God Bless!


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