February 23, 2016

Hey guys, So today I posted a video on our Youtube page, which we call ERS-TV. We have a lot of videos up on our ERS-TV Page. A lot of which are Mad Mike doing some really funny stuff, other videos consist of us in the studio, and some videos are actual shows. If we post a video of the show it usually is a very special show. For example, we posted on ERS-TV our Halloween Special. This is a bunch of clips of The Electric Radio Show ghost hunting. Ghost hunting is something we do every year in October, and its something we have done for many years on the radio. We keep it all legit and never fake anything, sometimes we get real things that happen sometimes we get nothing, and sometimes we just freak ourselves out to the point where we are so scared we think something is happening that is really not. Either way its super entertaining and we would love for you to check out our Halloween special which is on our youtube page now. Simply head over to


Also, up there is another very special show, Walker Stalker Con 2015. Jack Hammer and Myself Broadcasted LIVE from Walker Stalker Con 2015 at the Meadowlands Expo Center in NJ. We had a blast and got to talk to Scott Wilson and also Tovah Feldshuh from The Walking Dead. This show aired on our 22 radio stations but we never Podcasted it, until now..It is now availble to stream right from our Youtube page (ERS-TV) If your a fan of The Walking Dead like Jack is and myself, you have to check out this show...


Also you will find clips of our TV Show called AfterHours. AfterHours is a show that aired on TV and it is hosted by Jack and Myself. We have some really cool clips on ERS-TV of Afterhours if you would like to check it out...I will be talking more about Afterhours in the future on this blog, because their is a lot to share. :-)






-Andre Kane

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