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John David Schrader

I would like to introduce you all to a good friend of The Electric Radio Show, His name is John David Schrader and he is one hell of great muscian. He just recently released his new Album called 21 Summers. I listened to 21 Summers for the first time the other day, and I gotta tell you I was completely blown away. John will be joining us on The Electric Radio Show in the upcoming weeks and we will play some of his new tracks on the show from the album. To check out his new album 21 Summers, head to his website at www.johnschrader.com

We will keep you posted on our Facebook page when John will be on The Electric Radio Show so head over to www.facebook.com/studioers and click on the "Like" button so you can stay informed.

We cant wait to have John on the show!!

-Andre Kane.