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Ripping us off will not end well for you.

Im not going to call anyone out here, but recently we have noticed a few radio shows that have been stealing our creativity. There is material in the radio business that has been passed around and many shows have shared ideas and different comedy bits bla bla bla, but when its something we have written and produced and a creative idea that we have grown and someone comes along and steals it this is a MAJOR issue with us. We know and understand that we write quality material and yes we put a lot of time and creative energy into the content of our show. If you steal our content we will call you out on it and make you look bad.

We run our company to the best of our ability and we pour our heart and soul into our show because we love what we do and we love to entertain. When someone steals from you ESPECIALLY another company or radio show it is them being lazy and not wanting to write or produce creative ideas. We love all of our listners of The Electric Radio Show and want to continue to entertain you and we want to thank you for staying with us and seeing through the people who take the short cuts. We would like for the shows who steal from us to know, we know who you are and we are watching and we are listening, just because we arent around doesnt mean The Electric Radio Show army isnt.

Take Care, God Bless.