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So since I’m writing this, I’m going to tell the story from my perspective, which means I’m going to tell you how I started out in this amazing business, yea get yourself a cup coffee because were going way back…

It was 1997 and I was in high school just barely getting by. I didn’t need high school or so i thought anyway, because I was going to be a rock star. I was in a band and we had a what I thought was a big following. I sang and played guitar for the band and for a bunch of high school kids we were awesome, really awesome. So who needs high school when I knew I was going to be a huge rock star. I was in 11th grade when I decided I wanted to drop out of school and start focusing on becoming rich and famous with my band. I was just a stupid high school kid with a huge dream. The school i was attending had just put together a program called CAS which stood for Community As School, It was designed for kids who were falling through the cracks and they could do an internship program and earn high school credit. You see where this is going?

when I told the school I was going to drop out and become a rock star, they pushed for me to get involved in this program. I decided I would give it a try even though I knew I didn’t need it because I was on to fulfilling my rock star dream. They asked me where I would like to work and I told them I would think about it for a few days and let them know. I left school that day and got in my car to go home, I put the radio on and heard a DJ talking. Thats it i thought to myself, I would intern at a radio station and that way maybe i could play my music on the radio if I got in tight with them. So I became an intern at a radio station on a 50 thousand watt radio station that blasted directly into NYC.

The morning show put me on the air and I became Andre The Intern. I did stunts for the show and made wise ass comments to callers..They hired me the day I graduated high school as The Morning Show Executive Producer. I was a part of that show from 1997-2007. I learned everything about radio and I even worked over night shifts.I met one of our wild callers who always calling in every morning and made us laugh, he called himself Mad Mike, and we could always count on him to call in and say something to have us all crying from laughter. We invited him down to the station one morning and he just never left. Jack Hammer had worked at that exact radio station and another one in the same building that the company owned a few years prior to me getting there. Ok many years prior but thats besides the point. Jack got another radio job at a different company in NY before I started so we hadn’t met at that point. Jack came back to work for us in 2001 and was hired as the Assistant Production Director for all of the stations. So, Jack was in Production and I was on the morning show…We had decided to bring Jack on the morning show because Jack was one of the funniest guys we had ever met. He was (is) quick witted and just had a quick funny response to anything you hit him with. The guy really is a hilarious, not to mention extremely creative. He had us pissing our pants on the morning show. fast forward to about 2004ish could of been 2003 but you get the idea…Jack took over the duties of Production Director for all of the radio stations, and he decided to hire me in the Production studio. So jack was on morning show and after we got off the air we both started working in Production. Jack and myself were working together from 4am-6pm Monday-Friday and doing weekend gigs and appearances for the morning show on the weekends. It was non stop to say the least. But during that time, we wrote so many comedy bits, it was non stop laughs and developing characters and coming up with comedy bits. We made a great team off the air constantly making each other laugh along with the other employees of the radio station. It came to an end sometime around 2005-2006 when Jack took a break from radio and stepped out for little bit. I also left and moved away to Las Vegas for a year. Jack and me still talked on the phone everyday and the laughs continued on the phone. I’ll never forget on Christmas Jack called me from my parents house, He was there eating and celebrating with my family in NY.

Jack came back to radio in 2008 hosting a morning show on a NY radio station and as soon as he was hired he talked the boss into hiring me and bringing me back to NY. We reunited in 2008 and took over mornings, we started calling ourselves The Electric Morning Show and ruled radio in our market. We also started filming our TV show After Hours with Jack Hammer and Andre Kane around this time with Bill Diamond.We called Mad Mike to join us on The Electric Morning Show and he came on to do his brilliant comedy act and stunts as we know and love today. One of the stunts we had him do was head to our local college and pretend he was a student and ask the teacher for money and when was nap time, he got kicked out of course and it was big laugh. But when he asked the teacher for money, a student behind him said to him “here take a dollar” that student was Traci Adair. We hadn’t met her at that point and that class just happened to be a radio and TV class. Traci came to us for an internship later that year not realizing that Mad Mike was the guy in front of her who got kicked out of her class. We took Traci on as our intern and put her on the air with us. She was excellent, super talented and she fit right into our Carnaval of insanity known as The Electric Morning Show. We hired her on the show after she graduated and we were a solid Radio Show right up until 2012. The show kinda fell apart around then for reason’s I’m not going to get into in this blog post. I will say this though, It was not any of our fault, none of us wanted to stop working together. We were lied to and persuaded to disband. When your number one and all eyes are on you, the competing radio stations either want to get rid of you so THEY can be number one, or do whatever they can to break you up.

Jack went to host mornings on another station in NY and was there for 2 years, at that time I stepped away from radio for a while until 2014. In 2014 we re-grouped and got the band back together. We decided to never let anyone be able to stop us working together again and we decided to make sure of it by creating a company that owns the show. We did just that and called the company Gas Money Productions Inc. We officially named the show “The Electric Radio Show” and we launched the show on our first station in PA. The show has since picked up 22 affiliates and we have not slowed down since our first show back on the air in 2014. So here we are, its now 2016 and we still growing. We have our TV show After Hours coming back and The Electric Radio Show is on fire.

There is a lot of little stories in between that I may have left out but this is the quick version of the story. Were here now and we are not planning on stopping anytime soon. As you can see we came a loooong way..The Chemistry on The Electric Radio Show is not something that has developed over night. This is the story of The Electric Radio Show form the perspective of me, Im sure if Jack told the story it might be slightly different. By the way, Jack has a great story of how he got into radio…Thats for another post. I never did become a rock star by the way, but I became something much much more fulfilling.

-Andre Kane.