March 8, 2016


If you have clicked around our website you may have noticed the page called


After Hours. After Hours is a TV show hosted by Jack Hammer and Myself. We started filming the first season of After Hours back in 2008/2009. It features music, celebrity interviews, and on location shoots from bars resturants and various places. We first started airing on The Time Warner Cable Network reaching from Albany NY. to New York City. We originally aired Monday nights at 9PM. The show was a big success and generated a lot of talk and had a sizable fan base, we really didnt know if it would catch on at first and we were really excited when we found out it had a pretty big following. We launched After Hours 2.0 and re-vamped some of the show features and added a few small set changes.The show is getting ready to take off once again. Jack Hammer and Myself are really excited to announce the new After Hours that will be launching sometime hopefully in 2016. Of course we will let everyone when and how they can watch. We have some pretty big plans in place this time around.The show is Directed by the one and only Bill Diamond from Legend Pictures Studio's in New York and Bill Diamond Productions as well as Gas Money Productions Inc. GMP is our Media Company.


We cant wait to get in front of the cameras again and shoot the new season..

Who says we only have a face for radio haha.


Here is a small sample of After Hours, If you want to see more please feel free to check out the After Hours page on by clicking here:!afterhours/c1uix



In this episode of After Hours, our good friend Terry Schappert stops in and also musical guest Donna Lewis performs "I Love You Always Forever" and a few new songs.


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