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Podcasting In An FM World

Podcasting is nothing new, and now-a days with iTunes, Tune In radio, Stitcher and a bunch of other tools we have become very accustomed to hearing about Podcasts. News just came out that Podcast downloading soared this year to 21%, last year it was 17%. This means currently 57 Million people or 1 out of every 5 download Podcasts to listen to. It only makes sense that people want to listen to what they want and when they want. There are those that have a Podcast show, and there are those that have a radio show on terrestrial radio. The Electric Radio Show has both. We air the show on FM Radio stations and then Podcast it. This does a few things in our favor, we bring in an audience from the FM stations, and we bring in an audience from the Podcast community but it does something even much greater and that is it offers our listeners the opportunity for “On Demand Listening”. We air on FM stations at all different times through the week and weekend, we know our fans can’t be with us at every show airing because life is happening and people are working and doing things…But now, if someone misses a show they can easily download it and listen to it when they want to. We also air on Internet Radio Stations. Cars are now coming with WIFI hotspots in the car, and apps are available on car stereos, The world of broadcasting is changing fast and we are at the forefront of this new digital revolution. The Electric Radio Show is deeply rooted in terrestrial FM radio, but is also on various internet stations and of course is available for download as a Podcast. We treat all stations the same way, we feel with the amount of people listening to internet radio now-a days, some of the internet stations we are on have more listenership then some of the FM’s we are on. The Digital revolution is happening right before our eyes and The Electric Radio Show is on it.

The other part of the digital puzzle is video, and you guessed it, were on it, we offer ERS-TV…Radio today is a very visual thing,people want to see what goes on behind the scenes and they want to see the things you are talking about, we present lots of video on The Electric Radio Show and make it available at ERS-TV and also on our Facebook Page.We will soon be toying with Live Video Broadcasting on ERS-TV.

With Podcasting fastly becoming just as popular as the radio as we have always known it, and also internet radio becoming just as popular as Podcasting and listening to FM radio, The Electric Radio Show has its feet buried deep into every single aspect of all of it, not so we can brag about it, but so we can simply service our listening audience. We love entertaining and we want to make it as easy as possible for our audience to listen. We have made it all even easier by offering everything we do in one spot. Its all on our website, This Blog lives on our website, ERS-TV is on our website, our TV show is on our website, all the links to download the show’s are there as well as all of the stations we are on and the times with links. We make it easy to listen to The Electric Radio Show. Not too many radio shows are offering what we do, most shows are just on an FM station,or have a Podcast show, which is ok for them, I’m not saying its not ok, its just not ok for us, we want to be available for everyone in every way we can. if you don’t listen at the exact time an FM show is on, you will miss everything, we don’t want you to miss The Electric Radio Show. We are paving the way in this digital revolution and we aren’t planning on slowing down anytime soon.

Thank you so much for listening to us, whether your downloading us or listening on the radio or on your computer or however you listen, we appreciate it and you..

Take Care, God Bless..

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