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This week on ERS 3/17/16 - 3/20/16

This week John David Schrader joins us on The Electric Radio Show. Andre wrote about John's new album 21 Summers in an earlier Blog Post. But this week we actually have him on the show. We will play some of the great songs off of his new album 21 Summers and we will have a lot of laughs together as always. Tom Brokejaw joins the show with his Electric Radio Show news Brief, and also long time friend of the show Batel stops by for some prestidigitation that only can be performed by him. This week we also celebrate St. Pattys day so we have some great songs we will play also..

For more info on John Schrader and to purchase his new album "21 Summers" please visit his website www.johnschrader.com

And to find where The Electric Radio Show will be airing this week please head to www.theelectricradioshow.com and click on the "On The Air" Page to find the stations that air us.

Check out the video of Mad Mike and Andre Kane at a bar on St. Patty's day a few years ago from ERS-TV . Enjoy the show this week, its a great one!

Sample some of the album 21 Summers here