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Paul Walkers Daughter Settles for 10 Million Dollars for her dads Death

Meadow Walker struck a deal with the driver of the car in which her dad died ... a deal worth $10.1 million.

Attorney Jeff Milam, who reps the 16-year-old, says the basis of the settlement was that driver Roger Rodas was partly to blame for the fatal accident, even though he was "not directing the car through any particularly unsafe maneuvers when it went out of control."

It's unclear how much of the settlement will be paid by Rodas' insurance company and how much, if any, from his estate itself.

The settlement was actually made in 2014, but it went under the radar in the courts because it was filed under the name Meadow W. She got just over $7.2 mil and her lawyer snagged just under $3 mil.

Meadow is not done. She's pressing on with her lawsuit against Porsche, claiming various design defects in the racing car caused the crash. Big setback for her ... a judge just threw out an almost identical lawsuit filed by Rodas' widow, saying the design defect claims were unsupportable.

Meadow's lawyer says the $10.1 mil only represents a small fraction of what his client should get given his status as a bankable movie star and the lead in the "Fast and the Furious" franchise

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