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When Garth Brooks was letting his fans listen to a new song he’s recording, I thought it sounded a little familiar.

He said the title is “Lay Down and Dance.” After playing bits and pieces of it for people watching his Facebook Live #StudioG on Monday (Aug. 29), he explained the gist of the song.

“It’s about a guy who thought he was through with romance. Until you meet the next one, like guys do, and all the sudden, it’s on again,” Brooks said, as the song plays in the background, with him singing that she is his brand new second chance.

Then it hit me. It’s kind of like a modern version of Brooks’ 1993 hit “Learning to Live Again.” In that one, he isn’t quite ready to go out after a tough break up, but his friends — Debbie and Charlie — drag him out on a double date, and eventually, they’re dancing, sharing a goodnight kiss beneath her porch light, and there is potential for another date.

Brooks doesn’t make any promises that this new one will be on his upcoming album, but he does talk about how he records songs first and then decides where they’ll land later.

“You try stuff. Sometimes you cut for no reason other than the joy of the song,” he says. “There’s a thousand different journeys to the same place. That’s what I love about music.

“As long as you don’t put rules on it, then hopefully it turns out cool and sincere and from the heart. And that’s what it’s all about.”