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The Electric Radio Show has kicked off Its Legendary "Month of Shoctober"& Ghost Hunting Season. The crew started off with a live broadcast from "The Witches Dungeon", which is a Horror movie Museum in Bristol Ct. Jack and Andre, along with Bill Diamond, Sacred Owl and Owner of The Witches Dungeon Cortland Hull, whose uncle was the original Werewolf of London Henry Hull, did the broadcast. It was a very cool place to be among all the original movie props such as the head of Linda Blair in the Exorcist from the scene when her head spun around, and also the head of E.T. from the bike scene. These are real original movie props from the actual movies, and he also has life size wax figures from some great movies. Its a MUST SEE!! Check out http://www.preservehollywood.org

Next, the crew shifted into full Ghost Hunting gear, and investigated the Production studio of Bill Diamond Productions. It was once an old Carpet Mill in the early 1900's and the property dates back to the 1800's. Lots of history there including many deaths. The TV show AfterHours was filmed there and thats where Jack and Andre noticed a presence and decided to do an investigation. Check out www.billdiamondproductions.com to see pictures of the studio. They also spoke with Tammy one of the creators that works in the Shop, to check out Tammy's work head to http://fairy-willow.com

The guys have some pretty insane Ghost Hunts on the way including Smalley's Inn in Carmel NY. Read about it here You do not want to miss them. All you have to do to listen is download the Mobile App. Head to www.onelink.to/electricradio from your mobile web browser. It will take you to the download site and all you have to do is click Download or Get. You'll see on the App we have what we call the ERS AppCast. All the shows are right on your iPhone Android or iPad for you to enjoy. For more info head to www.theelectricradioshow.com

Dont miss the Shoctober Ghost Hunts with The Electric Radio Show. Shoctober is just getting started.Follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/studioers Instagram www.instagram.com/theelectricradioshow and Twitter www.twitter.com/studioers