Passenger throws Beer at her Uber Driver

Here we go again.  Yesterday we saw a passenger throw taco boxes at her Uber driver.  Today it's a CAN OF BEER . . . which is the reason the whole thing got started. 


Apparently, the driver told her that passengers aren't supposed drink alcohol in the car, but she wouldn't stop.  She was also acting belligerent and swearing at him.  And when they got to her destination she wouldn't leave.

That's when he turned the camera on and, as usual, the customer tried to act polite.  But that didn't last long.  She kept badgering him to take her back home, but he couldn't go to another destination, and insisted she leave.

Next thing you know she's furious and throws the can of beer, which, fortunately, misses him but hits the dashboard.  And then as she leaves she rattles off a long series of F-bombs.  Classy.


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