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It's what you dream about, eat, drink, breathe and love. 

It's your life. Your craft. Your blood. Your sweat. Even your tears.


We get it. We really do - and we appreciate those who live to create. That's why we want to feature YOU!


Submit the following form to be considered for The Underground Spotlight. If you are selected, you will be featured during The Electric Radio Show, our weekly Podcast, our social media, our website and the terrestrial radio stations.


Send us your song, and we'll play it. Send us your book and we'll promote it. So what are you waiting for? Let's amp it up!

Your details were sent successfully!


Please note: not every entrant will be picked. Artists will only be notified when and if selected. *If you do not have a direct link to your mp3, please send it to, entrants WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED OTHERWISE.*

Form submission does not guarantee selection. Selection of featured artist will be chosen by our Promotions Department.

By submitting your song to The Electric Radio Show, you grant The Electric Radio Show full rights to air the song on the show and to be distributed in our Podcast. For more info see below or Click on Terms & Conditions.

The Underground Spotlight

  Band? Singer? Film maker? Artist? 

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